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The International CODAN Companies with more than 1500 employees specialise in the manufacture of disposable medical transfer systems.
CODAN is recognised amongst users as providers of quality I.V. delivery systems, resulting from more than 50 years of research and development.

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CODAN CYTO® - Safe preparation and administration of cytostatics

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Product presentation

Contrelle® Activgard is a new approach to solving the problem of stress incontinence.

The main cause of the problem is that the floor of the pelvis has weakened, often because of childbirth, changes during menopause or other factors inherent in the ageing process. When the pelvic floor slackens in this way, the bladder falls slightly and the angle of the bladder neck changes.
The result is that the associated musculature is no longer under full voluntary control during sudden stress.

The shape of Contrelle® Activgard is such that, when placed in the vagina, it lifts the bladder slightly, thereby correcting the angle of the bladder neck and preventing or reducing loss of urine, even during exertion. Just as important, the patient can urinate normally, without having to remove the Activgard..

Contrelle® Activgard on the applicator

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CODAN pvb Medical GmbH · Germany
CODAN 11, S.A. · Portugal
CODAN Limited · Great Britain
CODAN FRANCE Sarl · France
CODAN Medical AG · Switzerland
CODAN BV · The Netherlands
CODAN s.r.l. · Italy
CODAN Medical GmbH · Austria
CODAN DEHA ApS · Denmark
CODAN US Corporation · California · USA
Infusion- and syringe pumps
 CODAN ARGUS AG · Switzerland
Blood pressure monitoring systems
 CODAN pvb Critical Care GmbH · Germany

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